Douglas Buffone 

Doug Buffone has extensive experience in the video game, tech, and entertainment industries. Starting in high school he worked as a journalist for top video games sites including Gamespot, subsequently he worked as a video game lobbyist for the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA), in marketing at Apple specializing in product marketing and developer relations and also at top Hollywood talent agency CAA in the Motion Picture Talent department. 

After leaving CAA, he was hired as a consultant and an original member of the Virtual Reality department at Legendary Pictures. He established relationships throughout the budding VR/AR industry, using his deep networks in video games, tech and entertainment to secure partnerships with top hardware manufacturers and content creators. Doug helped oversee creative and production direction on two VR pieces, "Warcraft: Skies Over Azeroth" and "Beware Crimson Peak" and helped establish a partnership with Google to distribute Legendary branded Google Cardboards of which 155,000 were given away at Comic Con 2015. 

Doug is currently the founder and head business and creative consultant at VAR Consultants. He consults for a variety of startups, established media companies and non-profits and also serves as a paid adviser to several venture capital and private equity firms about the new medium. 

Email Doug:    doug@varconsult.com


The roots of great innovation are never just in the technology itself. They are always in the wider historical context. They require new ways of seeing.
— David Brooks