Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will improve every human endeavor. 

VAR Consultants is completely committed to the new mediums and determined to help you make a dent in the universe. 


Unparalleled Commitment, Experience and Passion



Bringing unparalleled experience from the video game, tech and entertainment industries, VAR Consultants is a world-class partner in the creation of the future of reality. Working with startups, established media companies, non-profits and financial institutions, we bring absolute dedication to helping clients overcome obstacles and create definitive pieces of content in the Virtual and Augmented Reality industries. 

VAR Consultants provides our clients unparalleled support through hands-on support and constant advocacy. Our incredibly deep networks across industries and disciplines are the result of our holistic approach. Opportunities in VR/AR are endless and we pride ourselves on our steadfast determination to connect clients with the best partners and opportunities. 

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